So I started adding my own designs to Society6 where all of the public can see them and possibly purchase something they love! I'm new and just starting up but definitely go check it out and let me know what you think.   Thanks guys ❤  


All Natural Goodness or a Goddess?

Seriously I'm obsessed with anything organic, natural or all of the above. First, let me apologize to the very few followers I have for completely ignoring my blog over the last year. I have been caught up with college and life, basically. Anyways- I  don't know about you, but there is a huge trend soaring … Continue reading All Natural Goodness or a Goddess?

Embroidered love 

I'm not sure how every other fashionista feels when they spot something embroidered, but I lose my wits. The texture, vibrant colors, sheen catch my attention immediately. Denim jackets can be glitz up with the perfect patch work or floral embroidery. Today I was shopping the racks at Burlington Coat Factory and spotted these babies … Continue reading Embroidered love 

Organic Goods

Hey love bugs! Haven't been on here in quite a bit. College, fashion and work has gotten the best of me. "No more neglecting" is what I tell myself!  Okay so these past couple of months I have been on a super organic skincare and anything that smells good- kick. I think it's a serious … Continue reading Organic Goods

Vampy and Sultry

This look was so much fun! I know Halloween is already past BUT that doesn't mean you can't look Sultry and Sexy! I used Cargo's Northern Lights palette for my eyes. I paired a deep burgundy with a smokey black shadow to create extra depth. Highlighter is of course Mary Lou❤️ Provacetour from Lorac's Holiday … Continue reading Vampy and Sultry

Haircut tomorrow ~ eeek

Anyone that knows me, is well aware that my hair almost touches my behind so getting it chopped off tomorrow is going to be different! I've had shorter hair before but I'm just ready for something different and I think a "lob" haircut will do the trick!