1970s Revival in the Cosmetic Industry

Yes. This is right ladies and gents. As I was doing some research for my fashion history paper (1970s cosmetics and hairstyles) I have noticed such a resemblance!


  • Nude lip/ gloss
  • Shimmery eyeshadow on lids 
  • Start to use gel blush rather than powder
  • Cat eye 
  • Lengthening mascara, not volumizing
  • Luminescent glow 
  • Natural skin-like finish
  • Against matte full coverage 


  • Nude lips, still with color, but notice all of the browns!?
  • Shimmer shimmer shimmer (and mattes, but look at all the glitter!)
  • Cream blushes to create “natural” tone to the face 
  • Wing wing wing
  • False lashes or no lashes (non-dramatic)
  • Highlight/ strobe to give dewy look
  • Serum, light-weight foundations 
  • Against matte finish

I found these similarities interesting because not only are the fashion styles coming back (bell bottoms, crochet tops, wide sleeves, etc.) their ideology behind cosmetics and application is too! 


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