2 upcoming fall trends…

  • Rock a dark cherry, vampy or black lip this Fall! Instead of looking goth, top it off with a gloss to give it that extra glow!
  • We will continue to see “highlight” but instead of only using theBalm’s Mary-Lou or ABH’s, start with a radiant skincare regimen! The glow will be pure radiance from the inside out…but without the highlighter! 

Orly Breathable Treatment + Color…GAWJESSS

Yes these are my beautiful nails 💁🏼 I received this nail polish as gratis from Orly and had to try it out immediately. It is an ALL-IN-ONE nail polish! No base coat, top coat, etc. 

The purpose of this new polish is to give the nail oxygen and breathe (hence, breathable) through the polish, making them healthy. 

I highly recommend it to anyone coming off of acrylic or gel nails. Not to mention, the bottle is double the size of a traditional Orly polish and is only $1 more! 

Kohl’s Beauty Expo 

If you don’t know already, I am a fulltime beauty advisor at Kohl’s! While not many may come to Kohl’s for their beauty needs, the department is definitely growing and with our spunk and passion, our clientele continue to grow as well. This past week our expo was in Dallas, Texas and I must say it was incredible. Vendors from Cargo, theBalm, Lorac, Bliss, Pür Minerals, Essie, Orly, Tantowel, etc. were there to educate us and share with us upcoming products (exclusive to Kohl’s!) Makeup by Mario was there to give us all a masterclass while Christie Brinkley shared her story about her authentic skincare! I must say I am beyond excited for the new product launches and definitely stop by a Kohl’s beauty near you. We stand out from the rest and it’s always a fun time! 

LC necklace for …

$2.00! Yes ladies $2.00! Seriously take the time looking through clearance. It’s such a simple statement piece that was ridiculously affordable! It adds a little pop of cuteness to whatever I’m wearing ☺️

Greensprout Botanicals Resurfacing Kit 

Just bought the resurfacing kit today that comes with the Flowering Cactus facial mask and facial peel. It says it “gently exfoliates, visibly tightens, resurfaces and smoothed the skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles, clarity and luninousiry.” I must say I have been highly impressed with this brand, overall. I felt my skin tingling and tightening with the mask/ peel combo. I have sensitive skin and I did not get a reaction to this! It was very cooling, too! 

I use their Watermelon extract day cream, eye cream, Grape seed and primrose oil night cream and the nighttime serum everyday. I love love love this regimen. I have oily to combo skin and my skin absorbs it! The kit is $29 for the day cream, eye cream and night cream. 

Resurfacing kit is on clearance at kohl’s for $13! Once again, HIGHLY impressed ❤️