All Natural Goodness or a Goddess?

Seriously I’m obsessed with anything organic, natural or all of the above.

First, let me apologize to the very few followers I have for completely ignoring my blog over the last year. I have been caught up with college and life, basically.

Anyways- I  don’t know about you, but there is a huge trend soaring when it comes to all natural goods and actually reading the ingredients. For myself, I consider it a lifestyle and not a trend. I used to dread it when my German boyfriend pointed out every harmful chemical in the ingredients list from the bread I ate that morning or the foundation I was applying on my face. Now, I understand why it is such a big deal. Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it, immediately. Therefore, I have become a huge advocate when it comes to purchasing all natural, organic and as I would say, “close to its roots” products. It’s time to question what you are using and seek natural alternatives. While working in the beauty industry, I am well aware of the scary list of ingredients; however, I have seen a turn and demand for a much greener and natural beauty.

With that being said, these are a few of the latest goods I have purchased and am absolutely loving. JASÖN, Dr. Bronner’s and Shea Moisture are amazing companies and have great ingredients. All of these items are pretty self-explanatory  when looking at the picture but I must say I am absolutely loving my Shea Moisture raw shea butter and the problem skin face cream. I have oily-acne prone skin and this moisturizer has been controlling my oil and gives my skin a sense of coolness. The deodorant smells amazing and so far has been holding up pretty well! Not to mention, I had purchased all of the JASÖN and Dr. Bronner products at Marshall’s at such a good price.

I really have a passion for all natural beauty and skincare, so stay tuned for more posts and reviews!

Thanks for reading-

XO, Devan


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