This is exactly that... Lorac has finally launched a liquid lipstick! Lucky me, they are EXCLUSIVE at Kohl's, so you can't get them anywhere else! This shade is soft mauve but there are 9 others! The consistency is very funny at first but once dried, very long wearing and the color payoff is beautiful! Go … Continue reading LORAC PRO LIQUID LIPSTICK 💋


CLEAN Fragrances ~

I was soooo excited to try these out individually and then cocktail them! Thank you CLEAN for the gratis! Anyways, these fragrances definitely hit the green savvy customer because CLEAN stands for simple, nostalgic and conscious. They wanted something that customers can relate a memory with; hence the "Cool Cotton" and "Air." Simple names but nostalgic!  … Continue reading CLEAN Fragrances ~

LC necklace for …

$2.00! Yes ladies $2.00! Seriously take the time looking through clearance. It's such a simple statement piece that was ridiculously affordable! It adds a little pop of cuteness to whatever I'm wearing ☺️

Lashes 202

So generally, I never wear false lashes but holy moly I found a pair that I am borderline obsessed with. Eyelure's Double Naturalities 202. They complete any makeup look and give it that fierce kick. 😉 Worn them 4 times and still have some life in them! Definitely purchasing more😅

Vampire red 

Finally lightened my bangs so they are actually red, not brown! I've been using Manic Panic's Vampire Red for years now. It does little to no damage to my hair because it is 100% vegan and is basically a stain! Yes it's a tad bit messy but it's totally worth it.  A little birdie told me … Continue reading Vampire red